My wife started blogging a few months ago.  She now has 4 blogs!  She’s become quite the expert!  I started thinking, I could do the blogging thing, too.  I have a strong love of music.  I love many different types of music, but I like what’s commonly called “classic rock” a little more than the rest.  I remember when it was just called rock, just like I remember when it was coke, not coke classic.  At any rate, this is early on in my little project here.  I love music trivia of all sorts.  Should anyone checking this site out like to leave a comment(s), please do so.  Any bits of music trivia, concert stories, meeting musicians, working with musicians, just about anything, are greatly appreciated.  My idea for this site is to post links to my favorite videos and songs, as well as posting bits of trivia.  I was thinking of featuring one band/musical act a day , or week, with something new about the act each day, or somewhere along those lines.  You can expect to hear about music from Pink Floyd ,Willie Nelson, Ozzie Osbourne to Third Day, Mercy Me, October Project, Bruce Cockburn, Sammy Hagar, GTR, Yes, Honeymoon Suite, Lenny Kravitz, just to name a few.


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