Posted by: aaronsmusic | March 25, 2011

Inspirational Zingers Jumble – A Review



Christopher Hudson

For All ages
Here’s a bit about Inspriational Zingers Jumble   from the publishers:

Every day, millions of people enjoy Jumbles in newspapers across the country. Now you can enjoy these popular puzzles while being encouraged by inspirational thoughts from the Bible and wisdom from the world’s most successful people. Perfect for families, trivia buffs, and puzzle fanatics, Inspirational Zingers Jumble is packed with six different kinds of puzzles for hours of fun:

  • Jumbles
  • Double Jumbles
  • Mystery Person Jumbles
  • Word Search Jumbles
  • Super Jumbles
  • Criss-Cross Jumbles
Our Review:
Our whole family reviewed this jumble book and while it was interesting, we didn’t fully enjoy the experience. The jumbles seemed to be a level that was above the average age it was intended for – ages 9-12. Our boys lost interest in it after a few tries. On a positive note, we learned a lot of history from our Bible while working on these puzzles!
Click here   to read more about this book of jumbles!

Thanks to Tyndale for the opportunity to review this book.


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